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Heat Setter
  • Heat Setter
  • Heat Setter

Usage of the machine:

This machine adopts hot air setting, maximum working temperature is 220℃. it is used for heat setting of tubular polyester blender cotton fabrics. And it can be used for pre-setting of spandex. After worked by this machine, customer can get steady size, flat surface.

Technical parameters

Standard working width

double tube 1400mm

Maximum hot air temperature


Mechanical speed

3-20m/min(speed adjusted by inverter)

Machine overfeeding rate

-20% — +50%

Heating source


Thermal oil(1GJ/H)

Drive mode three sections inverter control and double driven
Exit mode

plaiting or rolling

Motor power


Air pressure 0.4 — 0.6MPa
Machine dimension (L×W×H) 6150×4900×3300

Machine weight

about 5T

Heat Setter

Machine structure:

1. Infeed part

The infeed part include infeed chamber, overfeeding device and width adjust device.

Overfeeding wheel is made of polyurethane material, it is durable and have long lifespan. overfeeding driven is controlled by inverter, overfeeding rate is steady.

Manual width adjust, safety and convenient.

2. Hot air setting part

Equips one set 11kw motor and aluminum alloy impeller, the triangle belt is driven between the motor and impeller shaft, it is reliable. The impeller is light, run steady, low noise and big air volume.

Thermal oil heated type equips two sets high efficient heat exchanger, the heat exchange tube is steel aluminum compond fin tube, electric heated type equips 45pcs(each piece 3kw)electric tubes. The electric tube is controlled by group.

The pull filtering net is in front of the blower, the filtering net is 40meshstainess steel net, filter the fibers to avoid the pilus block the ex-changer and nozzles.

The machine body is welded of super carbon angle steel and channel steel.

The four sides walls of the chamber are insulated panels with thickness 80mm, the P type rubber seal is durable and can decrease the heat loss.

The heat chamber has the dust exhaust system, the blower is centrifugal motor, dust exhaust volume is controlled by air door.

3. Exit part

This part consists of rubber roller, plaiter device and coolant device.

The rubber roller adopts pneumatic pressure on system, and the pressure system equips air cylinder, reversing valve and so on.

Squeezing roller adopts super rubber, heat resistant, durable and long life span.

Control valve(thermal oil type)

The thermal oil control valve is proportion type, corrugated pipe seal electric three way valve.

Electric heater(electric heat type)

The electric heater consist of electric tube, group control.

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