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Tensionless Dryer
  • Tensionless Dryer
  • Tensionless Dryer

Usage of the machine:

This machine adopts three pass web belts tensionless drying, the hot air from the large centrifugal blower goes through the fabrics, the fabrics are shrunk through the three layers web belts, during the drying period, the fabrics move in large wave mode, completely non tension.

The fabrics stay long time in the drying chambers; so that the water inside the fiber and outside the fiber is uniform, eliminate the difference of the fabrics two sides radically. If fabrics dried by single pass dryer, inside and outside water of the fiber is difference, outside is too dry and inside is too wet, after treated, the fabrics colors changed, reduce the fabrics quality. But the three pass relax dryer had overcome this point.

The fabrics treated by this machine have soft hand-feeling, low water shrinkage and fabrics quality is enhanced. It has the advantage of saving energy、high efficient, high automatic and easy to operate. So it has become one of the most ideal drying devices.

The appearance of the machine is beautiful, the entire frame, chambers, panels are made of super carbon steel, and surface are specially treated.

Technical parameter

Web belt width


Machinical speed


Overfeeding rate

-20 — +50%

Fabrics length in the drying chambers

58meters (6.3meters per chamber.)

Heating dimension of each heat exchanger


Max evaporation capacity

140 — 180Kg/H·chamber


  • 16530X3960mm X4000MM

Each chamber length 2100mm

Chambers quantity

six chambers

Total weight

35tons (each chamber 5tons)


149.85Kw (each chamber 22kw)

Tensionless Dryer

Machine structure:

Fabrics infeed section

Fabrics exit section

Controlling valve

Thermo oil heating method adopts

Bealz brand electric three way valves that made in Germany

Steam heated:adopts pneumatic direction changing valve.

Heat recycle system

Except the first chamber, the left chambers equips heat recycle sytem per chamber.

Electrical control

1. Electric controls adopts programme controlling method, equips blowers starting in sequence system, faulty fabrics protecting system, emergency cooling system, counter-clockwise system

2. Electric component adopts Taiwan Delta inverter, France Schneider low voltage apparatus. temperature controller brand is Honeywell of America(±3℃).

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